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The training complex at TU Varna was built in partnership with the Dutch company VSTEP, which won the public tender for the supply of 3 simulators for the needs of Technical University- Varna, because of its lowest price and the best conditions. All hardware and bridges of VSTEP are manufactured by a Bulgarian contractor, and all   the production is based in Varna too. Some of the software is also made in Bulgaria. These facts make this simulator even more unique, because instead of wasting money on products made abroad, the far-sighted decision of the management of Technical University- Varna made it possible to return much of the money paid for the delivery of simulators back to Bulgaria. Under the contract, Technical University - Varna has become a test site for the latest and even secret developments of the company VSTEP. In this way, the specialists at Technical University- Varna work hand in hand with the company on the latest developments. The Technical University marine department began working together with both - the experienced professors and young maritime experts, that have proved themselves in theirs field, which infused youth blood in development of the Marine department. The company has turned TU Varna into its showroom and witch guarantees that it is up-to-date in both in software and hardware. This project is built entirely by Bulgarian specialists, which proves that they are more qualified than others that have built others simulators in Varna in every aspect. The simulator of Technical University - Varna was presented in the elite international maritime magazines and forums, as a unique project.


The navigation simulator has not only   the port of Varna, Burgas, Ruse, but many other foreign ports. This makes it possible to train our specialists, working as pilots, traffic control, tugboat captains and others in a safe simulated environment. This complex was built mainly for the needs of TU Varna and its students. Regardless, the idea of ​​the whole facility is to benefit the society including variety of different professions, companies and people. The simulator is freely accessible. For a fee any person or company can experience the pleasure of such a marine simulator, or conduct an experiment, for which it is not needed to take a part in a specialized course. Such an experiment has already been conducted by Executive Agency ‘’Marine Administration’’ - Varna. It was the the research of the old canal in the area of ​​Trans Petrol, for the possibility of passing ships in a tanker standing on the quay. Simulations were conducted for the French company Rubis to stand at a specific location on St. Vincent and in the hauling of the “Slava” submarine commissioned by the Fleet Headquarters (more information can be found in the News section). On the simulator, disasters and accidents can be trained, not only of seafarers, but also from specialized units for fighting fires, riots, floods, traffic accidents, accidents at airports, ports, railway stations and more.


Another very important fact is that TU Varna has the opportunity to build or model ports and facilities by the help of software for construction, depending on  needs, as well as to change the already created ones.


The software has a very powerful editor of the characteristics of ship models, which allows for the study the behavior of ships in their various states, such as roll trim. Each ship model can be tilted or differentiated and thus inserted in the middle, which gives a different idea of ​​the bridge and its maneuverability.


This simulator is the only one built in Bulgaria that allows taking tactical training of helicopter pilots for marine search and rescue, because it has helmets for piloting. Training of helicopter controls is possible by the Bulgarian pilots for rescue, or guarding the Schengen borders operations, as well as landing on a ship and others. The orientation system of the helmets is entirely developed in Bulgaria. If necessary, an exact copy of the helicopter cabin and a model of the helicopter available to the Bulgarian Air Force can be made.


The simulator has a very powerful military module that allows the Navy and border police to train their crews in a controlled environment. To perform both routine maneuvers and exercises with virtual international partners, and operations in a controlled environment. Capturing of terrorists,
fight against piracy and capture of violators of the future Schengen borders.


The navigation simulator consists of 5 modules:

1. 360 degree class A built according to the requirements of DNV bridge with FULL HD image resolution. This bridge can be easily reconfigured depending on the needs of a small 360-degree azimuth bridge with a dynamically positioning module. This module will be developed in the future to a full dynamic positioning module. The bridge can be transformed into 2 bridges of 180 degrees or 3 of 120 degrees, depending on the needs. The bridge also has a real gyrocompass repeater.

2. 120 degree bridge completely built according to the requirements for class B of DNV, having a rear projection of the picture.

3. Small work bridges meeting the requirements of Class C of DNV, equipped with integrated GMDSS workstations. In this way TU Varna has acquired the largest number of jobs GMDSS simulator. The total number is 14. Only TU Varna has consoles for managing all this workplaces.

4. Instructor's console for managing and monitoring the exercises, allowing to model each part of the exercise, both the weather conditions and the period of the day. The instructor station records by video cameras and the recordings are provided to Executive Agency ‘’Marine Administration’’ - Varna upon request.

5. In the Briefing hall, with small ship models and visualization from a bird's eye view and an electronic map of the exercise, all situations can be analyzed, both before and after the exercise. There is an opportunity to reproduce the exercises and make a detailed analysis of the situation.


The simulator for mechanics is made to fully meet the requirements of DNV class B. It has a control room for the ship's engine (CNC) with a console with 5 positions, and an instructor's seat. The simulator also has video surveillance.

The latest module is equipped with a 360-degree 3D training facility with a dynamically positioning module PRAXIS DP2, as well as a module for loading and unloading operations of an oil tanker.

The disaster and accident simulator is a very powerful simulator with a “path” where the trainee actually walks in the virtual environment; A 180-degree screen recreates the real environment of the disaster. There are also 2 more workstations equipped with virtual helmets with an orientation system which  put  the player entirely in a virtual environment. There is also an instructor station where the training is monitored and an emergency team can be organized to train in the virtual environment.


Technical University- Varna would like to express deep gratitude to the team that created this unique project for us and for the world!


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