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I. Scientific Research and Project Designing and Analysis

1. Designing of Fairways and new canals. Research of future ship behavior in it. Training of Pilots and tug masters for sailing in to them till the projects are still on drowning desk in to the latest class A FMBS.

2. Project management of different marine projects.

3. Research and Analysis of ship behavior in narrow channels using advanced 3D visualization of all forces acting over ship hulls including ship line breaking forces and ship to ship suction effects and latest Assessment and Analysis tool.

4. New virtual port creation and existing virtual ports reconstruction and training staff for sailing in to FMBS for future work in to it.

5. Sailing with disabled vessels, with list and trim programmed by the Instructors as per client’s wish.  

6. PHD making using the unique simulation software, where everybody can provide his own research.

7. TU - Varna Maritime Qualification Center consists of a team of highly educated young specialists ready to satisfy every client’s wish. Using the people with great experience in marine technologies, the center can provide professional help in designing of new ports and facilities and providing different tests and research existing port areas with different real ship models.


II. Personal usage per hour of Simulators in Research and Training Center

1. FMBS (Full Mission Bridge Simulator) Class A with 360 deg. FOV.

2. FMBS (Full Mission Bridge Simulator) Class B 120 deg. FOV with reverse view.

3. Integrated GMDSS simulator

4. Real equipment GMDSS simulator

5. Full Mission Engine SImulator including console

6. ASD / Kort Nozzle / Conventional Tug Simulator

Prices are per h for not more than 2 (two) people per trainign station, including qualified Instructor. There is special discount for groups and multy hour usage of the simulator.

For actual prices please contact us. Thank you!



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Bulgaria, Varna 9000,
1 Studentska str.
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